Thursday, June 25, 2020

A New Age of Design: Top 5 Trends to Watch

With more time spent at home, many have gained a new perspective when it comes to their immediate needs and surroundings. Not surprisingly, consumers are now rethinking their home designs and about the ways they can make their dwellings more functional as well as enjoyable. From dual-purpose designs to self-care spaces, here are five top trends to watch in this new age.

1. Color is taking center stage.

While years past have harnessed hues of the neutral and earth tone variety, bolder shades are now taking over as people look to add fun to their spaces. While soft pastels such as greens, pinks and steely grays are still popular, one bold color, in particular, has emerged as the leader of the pack when it comes to popular picks — and is kicking off the new decade with its own major moment: blue. Not only is Classic Blue the Pantone Color of the Year in 2020, but the chic pigment is also popping up more and more in designs — from custom cabinetry to stylish accessories in the form of range knobs and cookware. If this triumphant takeover is any indication, this dynamic color choice is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

2. Make room for multi-functional style.

With more time indoors, the need for rooms that serve more than one purpose is even greater. From kitchens that double as homeschooling stations with newly hung chalkboards detailing daily schedules, to bonus rooms that have been transformed for both work and play with bookcases and toy organizers, the interest in versatile design is only growing — and extends to products, too. Convertible chairs and sleeper sofas are just a few of the dual-purpose items that will be topping the must-have furniture list this year, appealing to consumers due to its usefulness factor.

3. Extra is the new essential.

If anything has become clear when it comes to design in 2020, it is this: Features that were once considered nice to have are now becoming essential. This year, homeowners are discovering what they can’t live without and are taking the steps to update their homes accordingly due to their new lifestyles. Perhaps the most critical? Home offices. An increasing trend for the past few years, 2020 cemented this one-time perk as a must-have area of the home. Whether transforming a bonus room or building out a garage, homeowners are looking to create work-from-home destinations that fit multiple work-space needs — especially as many couples are finding themselves sharing areas that need to be flexible enough for both parties. To ensure that spaces are truly quiet for those daily calls and meetings, acoustic insulation is another feature we can expect to see in emerging home designs. For an added perk, custom, compact appliances such as built-in coffee machines are even being incorporated, providing the perfect morning jolt or afternoon pick-me-up to get those who are hard at work through their day.

4. Self-care spaces are all the rage.

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to create customized rooms for self-care and weekly workouts. Whether that is a space to apply a facemask while enjoying a glass of wine, or an area for online exercise classes, a room to retreat to has become essential. For the homeowner who cherishes her weekly sweat sessions, a mini yoga studio may be the perfect addition to her home — and the design possibilities are endless. From installing stylish weight racks to a custom vanity — it’s the ultimate escape room.

5. Storage solutions are seeing a serious spike.

While it is not a new concept to have an extra pantry or an additional storage area for nonperishable food items, innovative storage solutions are seeing a huge spike. Depending on their individual needs, homeowners are looking to maximize their existing spaces. Whether that entails reimagining pantry layouts with extra bins and shelving or making use of an empty nook by adding auxiliary refrigerators and freezers, consumers want to ensure that they have more than enough space for their essential ingredients. Many are also exploring entirely new design possibilities to create spaces that are better suited to staying home for the long haul. From incorporating sleek refrigeration columns handcrafted from authentic stainless steel to house fresh and frozen stockpiles, to adding a wall of see-through storage bins that allow for easy access to snacks and canned goods, homeowners are looking for inventive ways to store more without sacrificing square footage.


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