Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A professional cleaner shares her favorite natural cleaning hacks using vinegar and lemon

Professional Cleaner Bailey Carson’s favorite cleaning hacks are creative DIY solutions, so we asked for her favorite, all-natural DIY cleaning hacks.

They all involve lemon, vinegar, or both.

1. DIY all-purpose cleaner

Carson’s all-purpose cleaner recipe is one part vinegar and one part water with lemon rinds and rosemary sprigs.

To make it, put all the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake it up. Then let the bottle sit for one week to give essential oils from the lemon rinds and rosemary enough time to infuse throughout the solution.

“Because this is an all-purpose cleaner that will be used throughout the house, the scent of rosemary and lemon offsets the acidic smell of vinegar,” she added.

This cleaning solution erases smudges, removes hard water stains, and is great for cleaning garbage cans, according to Carson.

“Not to mention, it has a lovely aroma that will leave your house smelling fresh and clean,” she said.

Regardless of its name, the cleaner is not for all surfaces. Because it is acidic, this mixture can damage wood and stone countertops, Carson says.

And you should never mix vinegar and bleach – Carson warns that it’s dangerous because vinegar is acidic.

“When powder or liquid chlorine bleach mixes with an acid, it creates hypochlorous acid that releases toxic chlorine gas into the air,” she said.

2. Deep clean the coffee pot

Carson uses a mixture of water and white vinegar to deeply clean coffee makers.

“We often overlook deep cleaning our coffee makers, even though they are usually the most used item in our household,” Carson said.

You should already be washing the removable parts of your coffee machine with dish soap after each use, but that’s not enough to prevent build-up, according to Carson.

Once a month, fill the machine’s reservoir with equal parts water and white vinegar. Then brew it like coffee.

Once the machine has brewed half of the solution, turn it off and let it soak for about an hour, then turn it back on to finish brewing.

Once it’s complete, rinse the machine with water.

3. Toss a lemon down the disposal

“Many cleaning products smell like lemon, but the fruit itself is one of the most useful natural cleaning products you can use,” she said.

Carson has a simple hack to clean your garbage disposal using only a lemon.

Sending half a lemon through your garbage disposal will clean it and freshen the smell, she said.

4. Wipe down your counter tops with half a lemon

Carson said half a lemon dipped in baking soda makes an effective countertop cleaner. Just dip the cut half in the powder and use it to wipe down surfaces.

“This lemon hack is a lifesaver,” she said.

However, Carson warns not to use this hack for delicate surfaces, like marble.


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