Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Best stress management apps for real estate agents

Luxury real estate requires the highest standards of excellence—and while it is extremely rewarding, it can also be taxing. Factor in challenging market conditions, and it’s no wonder agents are feeling maxed out on emotional bandwidth.

“It is hyper-critical for agents to prioritize their wellbeing,” says Ali Morisi, Real Estate Associate with Sotheby’s International Realty – Los Feliz Brokerage. “We want to remain sharp for our clients, especially given the fast pace of the market. And if you’re not focusing on self-care, this can ultimately lead to burnout.”

An easy way for agents to take care of themselves is with stress management apps. Here are four stressors that today’s luxury agents need to be wary of, and four tools that can help them stay healthy in both body and mind.

Stressor #1: challenging markets

Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty

Just as the chaotic real estate market has been psychologically difficult for agents, it has likewise taken its toll on buyers and sellers.

“Agents have dealt with challenging factors on both sides of the transaction, such as bidding wars, clients losing faith in the homebuying experience, and sellers holding off on listing their homes,” explains Andrew Moore, Real Estate Salesperson with Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty.

Stressor #2: unique opportunities

“Agents are required to be available to their clients almost 24/7, especially in this busy market, and if we don’t keep up, we could lose an amazing opportunity for a client,” says Morisi. “It’s also hard to say no to opportunities that arise—and that sometimes comes at the cost of our own self-care.”

Stressor #3: anticipating trends

Morisi adds that beyond shifting markets, the industry itself is evolving. “It can be stressful for some who feel as if they can’t keep up with the ongoing transformations—whether it’s technological changes, contractual changes, or just the sheer competitiveness.”

“We’re in a field that requires high-level thinking and skilled problem-solving,” says Moore. “We face a tremendous amount of stress. For those who are full-time, we are constantly forecasting two or three quarters ahead.”

Stressor #4: staying committed

Clients always come first, but there are many other priorities at the top of the list. “Nurturing prospects and providing knowledge to our current client base is key—but so are commuting to and from work, taking care of the kids, having time to think, and keeping a healthy sleep schedule,” says Moore.

“Being everything for all your clients—as well as for your family and friends—can be incredibly stressful, especially if agents don’t know how to disconnect,” agrees Morisi.

Stress management apps that really work

Sotheby’s International Realty – Los Feliz Brokerage

Disconnecting from work may mean connecting to an app that can focus the mind, activate the body, and add some fun to a busy day.

“The fact that these tools are literally at your fingerprints is amazing,” says Morisi. “Given our hectic schedule, being able to quickly readjust your mindset is great. Making it a morning or evening routine, even better.”

Another benefit is that they help normalize self-care in your schedule. “What I enjoy most about the apps and tools is that they send out daily reminders and motivational messages that keep you engaged and committed to achieving your health goals,” says Moore.

Here are their top four stress-busting apps:

Calm: “The Calm app helps to keep your mindset in check when stress gets the best of you,” says Morisi. “Just a five-minute meditation does wonders.”

Insight Timer: “For the past 10 years, I’ve found great joy with Insight Timer,” says Moore. “It’s a meditation app with a large selection of audio tracks, including music, guided meditations, and talks by teachers.”

BetterHelp: “BetterHelp and other therapy-related apps are great for those who can’t fit in an in-person visit to their therapists due to our busy schedules,” says Morisi.

Peloton: “The Peloton app has endless home classes for cardio, strength training, and spinning, but it also has amazing meditation and yoga,” says Morisi.

Moore seconds that. “As an active Peloton member, the app has tools that allow members to practice mediation and yoga, along with all those competitive cycling classes with live coaches.”

You still have to disconnect

When it comes to relaxing and recharging, technology can’t solve everything. “I will recommend agents set time apart from their daily workload to focus on quality time with loved ones,” says Moore. “The work-life balance will create a positive atmosphere and decrease stress. Time management is a great way to start this journey, including daily affirmations and writing personal notes and reminders to yourself.”

There’s a lot of pressure to get ahead, but the best way to do that is to sometimes get away. “Give yourself some time to shut off—book that vacation even if you have stuff going on,” says Morisi. “You’ll be a better agent for it, and your clients will notice.”


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