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How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

If you live in an older home and one of your appliances is on its last legs, you might be worried about the cost of appliance repair. Kitchen appliance repairs may cost hundreds of dollars — and in many cases, it’s more economical to replace the appliance rather than to repair it. How much does appliance repair cost, and how can you avoid a costly repair? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the average repair costs of some of the most common appliances you might need to repair.

Microwave repairs

Common complaints from homeowners about their microwaves include broken buttons and latches that don’t work. When the microwave can’t close properly, it can potentially release radiation into your kitchen. Although microwave radiation itself isn’t hazardous, it can cause extreme heat. You should call for appliance repair as soon as you notice a problem. Common issues beyond the control panel include excessive heat and damage to the turntable.

The average appliance repair cost for a microwave is $100 to $200, but the actual price depends on the problem. The most affordable type of microwave repair you might need is a fuse replacement for a countertop model, usually costing around $50.

The most expensive microwave repairs usually involve the appliance’s control panel. If you have a built-in microwave unit with “smart” features and require a control panel replacement, expect to pay up to $500 for your fix.

Washing machine/dryer repair

Common issues homeowners have with their washing machines include clothing that doesn’t come out clean and unresponsive control panels. Other common complaints include excessive energy usage and leaking water. The most common complaints for clothes dryers include non-responsive control panels and clothing not fully dry due to thermal fuse damage.

Like most other electric appliances, the cost of appliance repair for your dryer or washer will vary depending on the component that needs repairing. The national average cost to repair a washing machine is $100 to $400, while the average cost to repair a dryer is $100 to $200. For a significant repair to your dryer’s heating element (for example, replacing a broken motor), expect to pay up to $450. More affordable repairs (like replacing and cleaning dirty coils) might cost as little as $80.

Stove/oven repair

Ovens and ranges are other common household appliances that homeowners find need repairing. Frequent homeowner complaints about their ovens include failure to heat to the correct temperature, gas tops or cooking elements on electric stoves not igniting and broken knobs.

The average repair cost for a gas stove ranges from $150 to $400. Replacing a gas stove knob may be as affordable as $25, and you might even be able to do this yourself safely if your knobs don’t connect to the stove’s gas or electric lines. On the opposite end of the spectrum, replacing a gas stove top may cost up to $1,000.

If you have an electric stove, you’ll probably pay more to fix your appliance than a gas stove owner would. Electric stoves usually include specialized parts ordered from the appliance’s manufacturer to repair the unit safely and bring it up to code. How much does electric stove appliance repair cost? Expect to pay between $200 and $500 for most electric oven repairs, with control board replacements being the most expensive appliance repair.

Ice maker repair

If you have a countertop ice maker or an ice maker built into your refrigerator, you won’t pay as much as some other appliances for repairs. The national average cost of an ice maker repair is between $150 and $250. Expensive ice maker repairs (like replacing the motor on a unit built into your refrigerator) may cost up to $400 on smart fridges or units with costly parts.

Garbage disposal repair

Your garbage disposal is responsible for grinding down food leftovers, so it is not surprising that it might be one of the most common appliances to break down. Frequent homeowner complaints about their garbage disposals include failure to grind, loose screws and not turning on. The national average repair cost for a garbage disposal system is $65 to $150. Lower-end repairs, like replacing a worn seal, might cost as little as $50. But, higher-end repairs, like replacing or repairing the disposal motor system, could cost up to $400.

Refrigerator repair

Refrigerators are some of the most common household appliances to break down. The most common complaint homeowners report is that their ice or water dispenser isn’t functioning. According to Consumer Reports, this complaint makes up about 17% of repairs homeowners request for refrigerators. Other frequent complaints about refrigerators include ice makers that don’t make ice, water that leaks from the bottom of the appliance, and broken thermometers.

What is the average cost of appliance repair for a refrigerator? Depending on the problem, you can expect to pay between $350 and $500 for refrigerator repair. High-end repairs, such as replacing the refrigerator’s sealing unit, may cost up to $1,200.

What is the lifespan of most general appliances?

While some appliances last for decades, particularly when you keep up with regular maintenance, others need periodic replacement. Use the following to determine when you might need appliance repair:

Refrigerator: A new refrigerator will last about seven years. You can extend the life of your fridge by adjusting the freezer set to zero degrees, which is beneficial for retaining and protecting the refrigerator’s compression system.

Dishwasher: You can expect a new dishwasher to last around seven years after installation. Soap scum from excessive detergent use may clog the gears on your dishwasher, leading to the need for more repairs. You can increase the lifespan of your washing machine by carefully measuring out your detergent each time you use it and by cleaning your system regularly.

Oven: Your oven and range is usually the sturdiest item in your household list of appliances. Expect your new oven to last at least ten years, with some models built to last even longer.   Grease and grime buildup can harm the interior parts of the appliance, leading to more repairs.

Washing machine: While washing machines might be expensive, they’re not long-lasting. Expect your washing machine to need a replacement every five to seven years.


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