Tuesday, June 29, 2021

TourZazz Leads the Interoperability Charge in Real Estate Technology

The recent market disruption of real estate showing services has injected fear in the hearts of agents, brokers, and MLS systems alike – all surrounding the ownership of data. Using data standards put forth by the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and used by MLS systems all over the country, application developers like TourZazz are leveraging this disruption to turn the closed marketplace into an open one. TourZazz is leading the way in the interoperability of systems by using these data standards and committing their API to support other real estate technology providers that adopt interoperability standards.

This democratization of data benefits both home buyers and sellers, giving them (and their agents) the ability to choose the best tools that work for them. In addition, it enhances and protects the privacy consumers are demanding today.

“I am proud to be an active member of RESO, as they are the leader in creating open standards that drive innovation in real estate technology. I recognize how standards and interoperability allow for faster software development, tighter integrations, and scalable tools that cross marketplaces – all of which produce more accurate, robust, and informative data. This is all to improve efficiency in delivering an enhanced customer and agent experience,” said David Gumpper, Business Intelligence and Technology Consultant for WAV Group, and former Board of Directors and Chairperson of Broker Advisory Workgroup for RESO.

“TourZazz is the poster child for interoperability, confident that open marketplaces lead to improved efficiency, effectiveness and choice for the entire ecosystem surrounding home buying and selling. We fundamentally believe that holistic ecosystems built upon the same source of truth empowers choice and delivers the best products in the technology stack, lifting the industry like a rising tide,” said Tom West, Lead Investor and Advisor to TourZazz.

TourZazz is a modern showing solution that focuses on the home buyer and the buyer’s agent, offering a modern showing experience for both. For agents, building tour itineraries, coordinating with listing agents and working with client constraints will now be a breeze. The TourZazz platform uses modern technology such as AI, geolocation and data standards which reduces manual processes that often took hours to mere minutes. For homebuyers, having a modern interface — compared to printed MLS datasheets — means that notes can be taken online, tours and property information can be shared with family and friends, and collaboration with their agent is efficient, clean, and effortless.

What’s more, TourZazz releases listing showing services’ functionality, enabling both buyers’ agents and listing agents to better serve clients with one tool for managing home tours and seller listings, providing exceptional, concierge-level services to both buyers and sellers. The TourZazz listing management service will now be free to MLSs, brokerages and agents.

About TourZazz

TourZazz, the patent-pending, artificial intelligence-powered software, modernizes the entire showing and tour management process for all by automating communications and appointment confirmations, and empowering agents to deliver concierge-level experiences to customers. With TourZazz, buyer agents schedule efficient tours in minutes without using call centers, and listing agents manage showing availability in an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, brokerages now have insights and analytics into buyer agency to better retain, recruit, and support their agents in their business. MLS and Brokerages are encouraged to request a demo.

About WAV Group

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