Monday, February 14, 2022

Turn a social media connection into a lead

Luxury real estate and social media are a match made in heaven. Luxe landscaping and architecture, Instagrammable interiors, and the aspirational lifestyles of affluent people in major cities and second-home retreats—all of these come together to create shareable, snackable eye candy that’s also informative and enlightening.

Social media is one of the biggest sources of new business opportunities for agents, second only to referrals. Four out of five real estate professionals say that expanding their social media presence is a top priority. So how can you optimize your channels to turn organic traffic into qualified leads?

In my practice, social media has played a central role in helping me start meaningful conversations with potential clients long before they even begin their real estate search in earnest.

Here’s a look inside my process of creating, posting, sharing, and engaging that has become an essential driver of my business.

Generate great content and curate your expertise

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Before social media connections can happen, you need to have an established social media presence—and it should position you as a leader in your luxury real estate market. This is a huge benefit for your clients, both present and future, and sets you apart as an agent.

So what channels will serve you best? I’m partial to Instagram due to its high-polish look and its support for multiple types of media, including photography, video, and short-form reels. Facebook is still a popular platform for agents and their prospective clients, and even though TikTok skews younger, it’s quickly emerging as a thriving hub for real estate content. Here are a few tips I keep in mind when it comes to social media:

1. Be “reel” and have a sense of humor: Bite-sized reels are taking off—I’ll often post videos that are only five or 10 seconds long, in which real estate-related facts appear on screen while I lip-sync to a favorite song.

2. Make the most of your written captions: It’s not always necessary to have real estate insights right in your videos—instead, simply share a beautiful image, and take advantage of the adjacent blurb to share insights.

Treat every follower as a friend, and be engaged

Once your social media train is rolling, make sure it becomes a dialogue, not a monologue. Don’t just share your pictures, promotions, and successes through your own posts—spend lots of time watching, liking, and commenting on other people’s stories. Believe me, they’ll notice and appreciate your engagement; and eventually, when they have a real estate question, they may just remember that agent who left a nice comment on their photo.

A thoughtful comment goes a long way. Having 20 strong, genuine connections is much more powerful than a hundred “followers.”

Merge the professional with the personal

Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

Social media is an excellent tool for showcasing your competitiveness in your luxury market, but it can be a bit repetitive—not to mention boastful—when you focus exclusively on your latest listings and sales.

It’s equally important to show your life behind the business. Give them a glimpse of how hard you work for your clients. Let them into an intimate gathering of family or a fun adventure with friends. Personally, I adore going on hikes with my sister or my daughters; by posting about them, I show prospective clients a more relatable portrait of myself while also positioning myself as a local expert who lives and loves the Steamboat Springs lifestyle.

Leverage that “like” into an authentic relationship

So you’ve created some amazing posts that build your professional credibility, you’ve curated personal and lifestyle content to complement it, and you’ve made comments and connections to expand your sphere. Now people are regularly viewing your pictures and videos, responding to what you write, and reaching out with real estate questions.

It can be tempting to start sending them links to listings, but hold off. A pushy salesperson will push them away. Continue to be a reliable, relatable source of no-strings-attached information. When they’re ready to list or look for a property, have faith you’ll be their first call.

In the meantime, your social media can help build your business in other ways. My Instagram and Facebook accounts have become a selling point in my listing appointments because I can show sellers how much online traffic I can bring to their property. I have also gained an extensive referral network by engaging with agents across the globe.

There are many ways social media can serve you, your colleagues, and your clients, so sign in and start sharing.


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