Friday, May 19, 2023

What do 8 out of 10 homeowners want their agents to know?

When selling a home, homeowners can face many issues. Not only are there a lot of moving parts, but also selling a home can require a lot of preparation. As their agent, it is your job to help them navigate this process, but to help, it pays to know what they are thinking.

Selling is stressful

Although it is part of your job, selling a home is incredibly stressful and overwhelming for homeowners. According to our 2022 ROI survey, pricing the home accurately, going through inspection, timing their home sale with the market, and fixing up their home to make money are all common concerns that can keep sellers up at night. Together these issues can make the home-selling process a nightmare that homeowners want to escape as soon as possible.

Updates are a pain

Even though they want to sell fast, homeowners hope to garner the best financial outcome. Unfortunately, selling as-is can severely limit this possibility. One of the best ways to help your clients get more money out of their homes at the closing table is by having them do repairs, updates, and sometimes even full renovations before putting their houses on the market. Unfortunately, these types of updates can be a serious point of concern for many homeowners.

1 out of 4 homeowners cited fixing up their home to make more money as the biggest pain point to selling their home.

9 out of 10 homeowners also said they do not want to spend the time, money, and stress on home improvements.

Even though homeowners may be aware of the big payout these projects can have, an overwhelming majority do not want to bother because of the added headache that can come from them. There are also some homeowners who are open to making these updates but believe they cannot afford it. In fact, 69% of sellers said they cannot front the money for home repairs.

With a vast majority of homeowners not wanting to deal with these projects and 77% of buyers wanting move-in ready homes, there is a big disconnect. Homes will either sell for much less or sit on the market for far longer. As a result, the homeowner may be disappointed and will likely be pointing the finger at you.

Sellers are open to solutions

Trying to convince your sellers to make repairs or updates may seem exhausting, but homeowners are more open to solutions to these problems than you may realize.

Although home improvement projects can sometimes come with many hurdles, they do not have to. A real estate concierge service could solve many of these problems and make the process streamlined and simplified for everyone involved.

Better yet, offering these services can help you win listings in this competitive market. 72% of homeowners said they chose agents who came to listing presentations with options and white-glove solutions. Almost 8 out of 10 sellers said they would also choose to work with a realtor® that offered a pay-at-closing concierge solution. Not only will a concierge solution help your clients’ houses sell faster and for more, but also it can help you get more business.


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